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We are the number 1 omni-channel ‘one-stop-shop’ livestream shopping services agency

Our Mission

Our mission is to shape the destiny of immersive video & virtual reality interactions that power the relationships & communities between brands and their audiences.

We believe that interactions don't need to be one-dimensional and one-way. Instead, we believe that the future of retail lies in immersive, two-way interactions that allow brands to take their audiences on a multi-sensory journey to experience retail as an engaging media format.

Our Purpose

Unlike other livestream companies, we believe that the future likes in services - not solely the technology. It is only when people, processes & technology come together that real transformation begins.

Our service orientation means that we partner with brands to innovate in providing demanding audiences with new experiences, each-and-every-time.

As a result, we are with our clients all of the way in pursuit of their customer & commercial goals.

Our Story

CX Live was founded by Erik Staaf and Michael Williamson in 2019, two retail & telecoms executives who had previously led marketing, crm, customer experience & sales functions for leading retail & telecoms organisations.

Disappointed with the speed of innovation with other service providers in supporting customer engagement, Erik & Michael decided to build a better full-service model to help brands accelerate their customer engagement goals.

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