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'One-stop-shop’ livestream shopping – everything you need to operate & build success

Omni-Channel Livestream Video Platform

Ready for your website, ready for TikTok Live, Facebook Live, Instagram Live and others, including brand set-up, configuration and testing.

Analytics & Real-Time Optimization Platform

Powerful livestream shopping analytics platform to deliver analytics insights on customer interactions with offers, prices, hosts, traffic channels.

Broadcast Studio &

Set-up of dedicated livestream studio for your brand – including set build, set, pro lighting rig, professional audio & 4K studio cameras.

Content & Monetization

Assign scriptwriters & content leads for livestream shows. Work with your vendors to agree scripts and content for live stream video shows. Monetisation through replays and social media.

Network of Engaging Show

Recruit engaging, entertaining live stream show hosts.

Account & Media Performance Director

Managing the day-to-day interaction with studio, hosts, scriptwriters and making recommendations to improve sales results.

Engagement & content monetisation

pre live.png
1. Pre Live

Registration page Video teasing

Reminder notifications

2. Live

Directly on your website

Multi stream on social networks

Shopping cart synchronization

post live.png
3. Post Live

Instant replay Video stories for product pages Performance analysis Repurpose for social media & online content

Get started in 3 weeks


Choose your studio set, show host & the products that you want to promote

Embed one line of code on your website & choose the social media channels you want to livestream on

Message your customers about your coming livestream shows using email, social media posts, text messages & website banners

Review livestream shopping analytics for insights on sales & interactions with offers, prices, hosts, traffic channels, and more




Additional Services

Shoppable videos (with ecommerce integration)

CX Live shoppable videos help brands deliver engagement and sales from post-live videos. Products in videos are tagged and linked back to your website, which allows viewers to click on the product in the video instantly check-out now on your website.

CX Live Shoppable videos integrate directly with your API product feed and can be used across your digital marketing eco-system; website, social media, emails.

CX Live shoppable videos come complete with analytics log-in to allow you to track the view and click throughs across all of your marketing channels.


In-App Integration

Direct native SDK integration with your mobile app allows brands to provide a seamless mobile experience as part of your consumer’s journey on your mobile application and provide the capability to initiate livestream shopping shows through Android and IOS.

Additional social media channels

Additional social media channels allows brands to quickly leverage their earned media by adding on social media channels and interacting with followers and visitors on those social media channels.

Adding on social media channels is the fastest way to significantly expand the number of consumer interactions that your brand has.

CX Live’s livestream broadcasting platform directly integrates with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter livestreams and allows you to run shoppable livestream shows directly from these social media channels where your product catalogue is uploaded.


Real-time visitor targeting

Proactive targeting of ongoing Live stream events to drive more viewers to events and thereby increase the generated business impact. A machine learning algorithm identifies visitors that are early in the buying journey and unlikely to convert and those visitors are targeted in order to increase the conversion chance in the current and/or future session. Visitors that are close to a purchase are not targeted to avoid the risk of distracting those visitors. The result is increased conversion which is proven by using a control group where no targeting occurs.

Proactive targeting of recorded Live stream events enables clients to gain more value from Live streaming events. By targeting selected visitors and offer them recorded Live stream snippets promoting the right product, the conversion rate can be increased. The increased conversion is proven by using a control group where no targeting occurs

Personal One-to-One Live Video Shopping

Interactive live video shopping between one customer and your sales agents – an effective way to bring a human, engaging approach to your digital sales channel.

Product promotion and comparison – Make it easier for your customers to find what they are looking for by showcasing and comparing products and their features.

Shopping cart integration – Guide and support your customers through the purchasing process with a virtual shopping cart and a secure link to the checkout page.

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